Friday, July 17, 2009

Buttercup Bags! So sweet~

So, I had a wonderful interaction with Rae over at, and swapped her some Cloth Diaper Covers for her patterns and rights to sell the super cute Buttercup bags, and the Lickety Split bags. I am going to Goodwill tomorrow (it's 50% off saturday!) to look for some vintage linens to make the lickety split bags. For now, I will leave you with pics of the B-Bags, available for sale now in my etsy shop. I have 2 more yet to snap pics of, and 2 more cut and waiting to be sewn. I lay in bed at night, filled with frantic pregnancy energy, thinking about sewing! I love making these bags, and am having so much fun designing them in my head!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm a Bad Blogger

Okay so- I'm a really bad blogger. I really have good intentions, I promise, but just find far more important things to do than blog. Don't get me wrong, Dear Reader, you are important to me! I have been VERY busy sewing sewing sewing, and finally finished a big project for the girl's preschool and finally have time to do some fun sewing. I just got the rights to make and sell Buttercup Bags and Lickety Split bags. Both of the patterns are over here at
I have a few butterecup bags done, and they are so tiny and yummy! I long for the days when I can use a tiny purse again! I will post pics soon! Also, I am hoping to have them in my Etsy shop tomorrow. WooHoo!