Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snack bags...snack bags... and more snack bags...

A little over a year ago, I bought a snack bag pattern off of Etsy. It was fairly easy to read and use, and I found myself making these reusable snack bags for my girls'. And my girls' friends. And the lady at the park's kids. And then the entire preschool! They are quickish to make- but require Ripstop Nylon (not available in all fabric stores). I put out a little flyer for back to school season this year, and have made not less than 30 sets in the past few weeks. I'm SO ready to move on. Still haven't made any for my kids this season, though. And the orders are still pouring in. Eesh. I have so much other fun sewing I want to do...
Got this lovely half yard set of Jennifer Pagnelli Poodle in Aqua. From my favorite etsy shop SewLoveFabrics. Love. Every. Single. Listing.
Want to move into her fabric studio and bury myself in the fabricky goodness. Yes, I just said fabricky.
More about poodles later this week. Lots more.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whew- what a break!

Wow- has it really been over 2 weeks! Time has flown by here. Girl #1 started kindergarten. We love it. She even takes the school bus. She's growing up so quick! I know how fast it goes, so I'm really trying to enjoy the baby stage with #3. She's all over the place, crawling, standing, couch cruising. It's exhausting, and really putting a damper on the sewing. My machines are in the "studio" aka guest room, which is through our laundry room. Totally not within arms reach of our very mobile baby.

I've been sew busy lately, too! I finished this custom quilt for the preschool director.
It's for her first grandbaby, and I sewed it with so much love. She had been hanging on to the Alexander Henry "Dick and Jane" fabric for ten years! Her daughter loved it so much, that she commissioned me to do a crib bumper and sheets to match- such a fun project!
It's hand tied with pretty pink crochet thread on all of the joints.
This is a poor picture of the back, but it's white minky with a focus strip of the "Dick and Jane" fabric.
In other sewing news- I'm teaching 2 classes at Quiltz this fall! The first one is the Hippy Chick Skirt pattern by Pink Fig, and the second is Serger Basics. I'm super excited about it- if you live in the Phx area- stop by and say "Hi!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where have I been?

Yup, at the beach. Don't be a hater. It was lovely.
I've got lots on the burner: 3 sets snack bags, 1 custom baby quilt, 1 t-shirt quilt, 1 diaper bag, 3 huge ruffle ribbon orders. And one poor 9 year old baby blanket that met the playful personality of a golden retriever. When it rains it pours, right?
Oh yes, while I was in the San Diego area, I went to Maisonette. It was heaven.