Thursday, June 26, 2014

Union St. Tee by Hey June - a pattern review

Adrianna of Crafterhours and I are practically twins! Both of us are allergic to purple, have 3 girls, and have basically the same body shape! My favorite part of  Hey June patterns may or may  not be the rainbowtized sizes sans purple. I've had the pleasure of testing/using most of the Hey June patterns- and you can tell Adrianna has really done her homework. The patterns are easy to read, assemble, and sew from!
 I sewed this shirt on Tuesday, and have practically lived in it since then. The options to customize this shirt are endless - which is what I love about knit patterns!
My favorite part of this pattern was sewing a V-neck. I have never sewn one before! My machine was being a butthole, though, and I had to sew this entire shirt with my serger. The pattern comes with 4 sleeve lengths: short, elbow, 3/4, long. I hacked this one into a sleeveless top, since I live in HELL (er, Phoenix) and it is consistently 105 here lately.
To hack into sleeveless, I just trimmed the pattern top to the next size down (in this case I trimmed my XS pattern to the XXS line). Then I cut strip of my trim fabric the same length and just finished the sleeves the same way as the neck. I also nipped in the sides about an inch, because my rib cage is really narrow. This pattern comes in sizes XXS-XXL, which is a really great range!
I see myself sewing MANY more of these tees, in lots of variations! Thanks for another great pattern Hey June! Also- when you let your 9 year old be your photographer, you end up with gems like this.
My pattern testing buddy today is Kristin of Skirt as Top - who also has some amazing patterns/tutorials on her blog!

Pineapple Appliqué Tank Tutorial

I'm guest posting over at Mine for the Making with this cute pineapple tank tutorial!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pink hair, don't care

Just testing out the blogger app! The girls and I had a little fun with Manic Panic yesterday! 


It's been radio silence here for over 2 years! (Not that I was great at blogging before that!)

I'm thinking of dipping my toes into this whole blogging thing again...anybody still listening? If you want to see what I've been up to I am super active on instagram @hustlemamahandmade

Chat soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pattern Review: Grainline Studios Tiny Pocket Tank (minus the pocket)

So after reading this post at Cirque du Bebe, I decided to try my hand at a top for myself! I bought this pattern from Grainline Studios. I am lucky to have a fabric warehouse outlet store about 10 minutes away that stocks fabrics at $3.99 yard. If it's a good day, I can find remnants of Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and the like, but if it's a great day I can find voile! It's upwards of $17-18 a yard, so getting it for $3.99 is a steal! I had found the Wrenly voile a few months back, and while it's not my usual style, I figured at such a great price it could be my muslin!
A few notes on this pattern: The bust darts were a bit high for me. Like 2 full inches. I made the size 4, and in general the bust and arm-pit area were snug. Next time I make this top (and I will!), I will make the size 6. Also, I am a bit long in the torso, and I made the pattern true, and it was probably 2 inches too short for me. Another major issue I had was the neck binding was several inches too short! I had to stop and insert another piece in the middle! I used the measurements provided with the pattern, so something didn't translate right.  
Ugly! I also used store bought binding as this was my tester, and frankly, I hate making binding. It was a bit bulky for the voile, and caused it to not lay quite flat (although you can't really tell when it's on). I have some lovely Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile that I will make my next one out of, and I will make the binding for that one. Plus, I have a bias tape maker- I should use it!

Overall the pattern was easy to use, and the instructions were clear. It took me just about an hour to sew, so a great weekend afternoon project! The price of the pattern is only $4.50, a bargain! The fit is a bit A-line, and would be so cute with those colored denim leggings I am seeing everywhere.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flashback Tee Pattern Test - by MadebyRae

I was recently chosen to test out Rae of MadebyRae's Flashback Tee pattern for Big Kids!

 I made the 7/8 size for Miss A. She turned 7 in March, but is very healthy! One thing I like is the pattern is broken up into sizes, so you don't have to print every single page to make just your size. Much more economical! I didn't want to stray from the pattern as originally written, so I went ahead and made the long-sleeves (even thought it was up to 110 here this week!Gah!)
See baby sister photobombing?

 It has cutting lines on the sleeves for options: no cuff, 1" cuff, or 2"  cuff. I left them full length, and forgot to trim before adding the 1" cuff option. So, the sleeves were too long (although I like my longsleeve tees that way!). One thing I did change about my sleeves is that the pattern calls for cutting the sleeve cuffs the same width as the sleeves, but I found that my rib knit stretched a lot, and caused the sleeves to bell out. So when I altered to short sleeves, I cut the sleeve cuffs one inch less than the sidth of the sleeves. They fit perfect!
 She asked me if I could make it short-sleeved, and since I had to alter the too-long sleeves, I agreed. I used the recommended neck measurements, not the method described of figuring out your own neck measurement.
 Overall, this pattern came together quick (less than an hour, even with the sleeve alteration!) I didn't hem the bottom, because my knit sits well, but this would be cute with a baseball tee type curved bottom hem. The fit through the chest and torso are perfect, as in the shoulders and neck! Well written, and easy to follow! Well done!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mama's Cookin- Picnic Brussels Sprout salad

So this is a shameless Trader Joe's knock-off (In their lunch section! Who knew!? Well, I did, obvs...)

I love all things cabbage, and Brussels Sprouts are no exception. Plus, there's bacon. Everything is better with bacon. And butter.

This salad is great because it needs no refrigeration. And I even find my kids eating it! There is something about the combination of salty and sweet that is just so yummy!

2 lbs. brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved if they are huge (mine weren't)
Bacon bits (from Costco, these are truly the LLOML {love of my life})
Newman's Own light balsamic

I roast my brussels in 400 degree oven with EVOO and kosher salt for about 45 minutes.

After they've come to room temp I throw in a handful of all the good stuff, and a healthy squirt of dressing, toss it all together, and...

Voila! Picnic yumminess! (best let sit overnight, serve cold or room temp)