Thursday, June 26, 2014

Union St. Tee by Hey June - a pattern review

Adrianna of Crafterhours and I are practically twins! Both of us are allergic to purple, have 3 girls, and have basically the same body shape! My favorite part of  Hey June patterns may or may  not be the rainbowtized sizes sans purple. I've had the pleasure of testing/using most of the Hey June patterns- and you can tell Adrianna has really done her homework. The patterns are easy to read, assemble, and sew from!
 I sewed this shirt on Tuesday, and have practically lived in it since then. The options to customize this shirt are endless - which is what I love about knit patterns!
My favorite part of this pattern was sewing a V-neck. I have never sewn one before! My machine was being a butthole, though, and I had to sew this entire shirt with my serger. The pattern comes with 4 sleeve lengths: short, elbow, 3/4, long. I hacked this one into a sleeveless top, since I live in HELL (er, Phoenix) and it is consistently 105 here lately.
To hack into sleeveless, I just trimmed the pattern top to the next size down (in this case I trimmed my XS pattern to the XXS line). Then I cut strip of my trim fabric the same length and just finished the sleeves the same way as the neck. I also nipped in the sides about an inch, because my rib cage is really narrow. This pattern comes in sizes XXS-XXL, which is a really great range!
I see myself sewing MANY more of these tees, in lots of variations! Thanks for another great pattern Hey June! Also- when you let your 9 year old be your photographer, you end up with gems like this.
My pattern testing buddy today is Kristin of Skirt as Top - who also has some amazing patterns/tutorials on her blog!


  1. Very cute! I did a sleeveless version too but my fabric is not as fun as yours and it's purple so if you dare to look in on mine, try not to claw your eyes out.

  2. LOL to the above comment!! I LOVE your fabric choice & that sleeveless version is SEW cute!! I have yet to purchase this pattern, {please don't hit me}, but NOW I'm really falling off the fence about it! {Onto the side of getting the pattern} Thanks Chica, Your newest follower!!!