Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not very on top of things...

Well, as far as Spring Top Week goes: one top looks like a nightie.
Although it does have some really cool hot pink bias tape going on

One looks like a skirt .

Hmmm, this is the actual Spring Top from last year. Maybe it just photographs well on a model...

One looks like scrubs

Although I think it has potential. I made my own pattern by tracing my favorite GAP top. Great for nursing, too! And trimmed in twill tape. Which the Crafterhours gals would appreciate.

This is what I really want to cut into. But I'm afraid I'll ruin it, too. Sigh...


  1. Ok, I know all about shirts that look like nightgowns (as you know), but I really love that top one. Maybe it looks different on, but it is totally adorable hanging there. Not night-gowny at all, in my opinion. And of course, love the twill tape usage! I think the "scrub" one looks like a perfectly normal and cute shirt! Put it on!

  2. Thanks, they actually turned out pretty well. You're AMH Vanilla Special totally inspired me for the middle one. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes! I'll definitely do that top again!