Monday, May 24, 2010

Wahoo! Win a tote-bag!

Howdy! I'd like to welcome you over from blueberry-kisses!
This new blog'o'mine will be my sounding board for all things crafty/sewy/non-crafty, non-sewy, etc.
Stay tuned for lots of fun projects- you name it, I've tried it!
-Jewelry making
-Sewing (all sorts!)
-Not-folding laundry (no, seriously. I almost called this blog "I don't fold". It was a tie with "I don't pin")

My true love is sewing. I have lots of tutes filed away for your viewing pleasure. With 3 little girls at my house, most of them will be geared towards the x chromosome, but I'll try to remember the little guys out there, too!

To celebrate my new blog address, I'm giving away this tote bag. Yup, for free.


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  5. I'll use to chooses a winner. Giveaway ends friday 5/28 at midnight. (Open to US residents only)

Thanks for coming over! : )


  1. I came over from your other blog. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and I look forward to reading more!

  2. I also follow your new blog! I don't like to pin or fold either. I do as little of both as possible

  3. Congrats on your new site! I love the banner. Anti-folders and pinners unite!

  4. I cam over from your other blog!

  5. I cam over from your other blog!

  6. Now a follower, really enjoying your blog!