Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wish...

    Photo from seattle. See the Space Needle? Cool!
  • Summer here was over. Becase I am over it. 116* today. For reals.
  • I could sew a butt-hole. I mean a button-hole.
  • My camera wasn't malfunctioning (somebody had a few too many jello shots on Independence Day, and may have dropped it)
  • School was back in session. My kids are so over eachother.
Hmmm, I can actually control two of those thing.
So- tomorrow I am going to the camera shop to drop off our camera for a tune-up. And I'm GOING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SEW A BUTTON-HOLE!

Too bad I can't photograph it. Or maybe that's a good thing, because I think it's going to be ugly.


  1. You don't have a button-hole foot?! Or are you against them?! Dear hot, frazzled woman! Get yourself a button-hole foot!1!!11!!!!!! Cripes, I'll overnight you mine!!!

  2. I have one- just so scared to use it! It looks like some medical torture device. Maybe something my dentist would use...

  3. Nice pic. Who is that very attractive woman in the picture with you?? Ha. What a great pic of two of my favorite girls... wish we were there today. It is too dang hot.