Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nice weekend...

We took the big girls to the circus yesterday- they had so much fun. I hadn't been in years, and it was just as awe-inspiring as I remember! We decided to try out the new Valley Metro Light Rail to get us down-town. It was fast and fun- although we saw a few shady characters.

I've had a few projects in the works, and it feels nice to do some leisurely sewing. I have almost finished this table runner. I sewed a few bands of ribbon, and a band of  twill tape onto one of the panels. I love the textural look of it.
 I am so excited about my gift certificate that was part of my awesome Skirt Week prize package. I've ordered from them before, and the shipping time, quality, and value can't be beat!
I made it to practice using my walking foot, something I've never done. It wasn't as hard and scary as I thought it would be. The hubs loved it- I was surprised, he usually doesn't say much about my sewing projects.
Speaking of Hubs, this was his Father's Day present. He also loved it. Easy, and adorable,
something we'll appreciate for years to come.

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