Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skirt Week: Update

Gosh, has it really been 5 days?
An update:
I was the very last one to make it into Obsessively Stitchings I-Spy Swap Numero Quatro. I am so excited! I've never done a quilt before, but think that one made entirely of 4" squares seems pretty straight-forward to me. I've long had this one on the radar. I actually have all of the fabric ready to go, I just need to go to the quilt store to buy a plastic template. Can I use anything else, does anyone know? Speaking of the quilt store, I was talking to the owner, and she told me they are getting Anna Maria Horner's voile in the shop! Swoon! Not until fall, but-ohmygosh! So excited.
I've been busy finishing up the children's aprons (I'll have to post pics, because they are really very cute!), sewing for Skirt Week, and trying to survive the heat. Not only did we get shoved into triple digits really quickly, but WAAAY into triple digits. 111 today. Yes, degrees. The girls and I have been swimming daily, but really...It's not that fun without pina coladas.
I'm sooo looking forward to our vacation to Seattle next month. There are some wonderful fabric shops, and the whole mindset in the Pacific NorthWest is just so refreshing. It's just the girls and I (hopefully my mom, too!), but it's somewhere we try to go every year. Hope you have a fun vacation planned for this summer! : )

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